The Diamond Jubilee continues to create a buzz

  • Sumo

Life’s never dull here at Hampshire Flag especially at the start of a new week. Whether it’s an out of the ordinary customer order, a new product coming on board or the team’s post-weekend comparison, Monday are always unpredictable, varied and interesting!

The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee continues to create a buzz. Organised well wishers began placing orders in February and now we’re seeing an increase in orders every week that draws nearer to the celebrations.

As one of the few countries with a King and Queen, we seem to be embracing this momentous occasion with street parties and celebrations of all kinds and Union bunting is without a doubt our hottest product – our customers can’t get enough of it!

Diamond Jubilee logo

The Diamond Jubilee Emblem which is available on many of our celebration flags and bunting

Flags of all sizes featuring the official Queen’s Diamond Jubilee logo also seem to be a hit with party planners so get set to see this distinctive design flying high in the skies near you soon!

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