Science in focus after Antarctic crossing cut short

The Coldest Journey has covered more than 300 kilometres and climbed sea level to almost 3000 metres up the polar plateau since the five man team set out in March this year – the furthest distance and longest period that any expedition has travelled in the polar winter months.

We supported the expedition by donating 12 flags including five Commonwealth flags, one Union flag and six custom flags featuring The Coldest Journey logo, 12 lengths of bunting – PVC and knitted polyester featuring the Seeing is Believing logo, two banners including a mammoth 15m banner with The Coldest Journey logo on it twice and some banner frames and flag poles.

However The Coldest Journey, which was the first ever attempt to cross the Antarctic continent during the polar winter to raise money for Seeing is Believing, a charitable initiative that raises money to prevent and treat avoidable blindness, has had to put a halt to its Antarctic crossing.

Photo credit: The Coldest Journey

Photo credit: The Coldest Journey

The team has been slowed by difficult terrain and technical challenges so the expedition will now focus on its scientific, educational and charitable aims.

It’s such a shame for the expedition team but they’ve achieved so much and we wish them all the best in the next six months they concentrate on expanding their science programme.