Below are some of the most important UK flag flying dates for your diary:

19th February – Birthday of the Duke of York

1st March – St David’s Day (in Wales only)

10th March – Birthday of the Earl of Wessex

12th March – Commonwealth Day (Second Monday in March)

17th March – St Patrick’s Day (in Northern Ireland only)

21st April – Birthday of Her Majesty the Queen

23rd April – St George’s Day (in England only)

9th May – Europe Day

2nd June – Coronation Day

9th June – Official celebration of Her Majesty’s Birthday

10th June – Birthday of the Duke of Edinburgh

21st June – Birthday of the Duke of Cambridge

17th July – Birthday of the Duchess of Cornwall

15th August – Birthday of the Princess Royal

11th November – Remembrance Day (second Sunday in November)

14th November – Birthday of Prince of Wales

20th November – Her Majesty’s Wedding Day

30th November – St Andrew’s Day (in Scotland only)

Other dates for the calendar:



3rd 6 Nations Rugby begins

13th Mardi Gras

14th Valentines Day

16th Chinese New Year (Dog)

23rd Shropshire Day



1st St David’s Day

5th St Piran’s Day

8th East Anglia Day

13th Commonwealth Day

17th 6 Nations Rugby ends

17th St Patrick’s Day

20th County Durham Day

25th Greek Independence Day

29th Yorkshire West Riding Day



1st Easter Sunday, 100th Anniversary RAF

4th Commonwealth Games begins

13th Sikh Vaisakhi

15th Commonwealth Games ends

16th Orkney Day

21st Queen’s Birthday

23rd St George’s Day

25th Huntingdonshire Day



1st Staffordshire Day

8th VE Day World War 2

11th Somerset Day

12th Eurovision Song Contest (Lisbon)

14th 70th Anniversary Israeli Independence

16th Middlesex Day

25th Wessex Day

26th Kent Day

30th Norfolk Day



1st Dorset Day, Pembrokeshire Day

4th Devon Day

5th Wiltshire Day

14th World Cup 2018 Russia begins

16th Sussex Day

21st Shetland Day Suffolk Day

22nd Mercia Day (regional)

25th 40th Anniversary of the Rainbow flag first flown

30th National Armed Forces Day



1st Canada Day

4th USA Independence Day

14th Bastille Day, Black Country Day

15th Russia 2018 World Cup Final

23rd Historic Counties Flag Day

29th Buckinghamshire Day



1st Yorkshire Day

2nd Glasgow International Athletics begins

3rd Cowes Week begins

5th Northumberland Day

15th VJ Day

18th Glasgow International Athletics ends

22nd Yorkshire North Riding Day

24th Yorkshire East Riding Day

31st Northumbria Day



3rd Merchant Navy Day

6th 50 years Swaziland Independence

10th Gibraltar Day

13th Rutland Day

16th Owain Glyndwr Day, Mexican Independence Day

22nd Derbyshire Day

23rd Bi Pride Day

24th Cumberland Day

25th Monmouthshire Day

26th European Language Day

29th Westmorland Day



1st Lincolnshire Day

12th 50 Years Equatorial Guinea Independence

19th Oxfordshire Day, United Nations Day

26th Essex Day

31st Halloween



11th Remembrance Sunday

20th St Edmund’s Day

22nd USA Thanksgiving

27th Lancashire Day

28th Caernarfonshire Day

Bedfordshire Day

30th St Andrews Day



25th Christmas Day

31st New Year’s Eve