• Do Hampshire Flag actually manufacture flags, banners, bunting etc?

Yes, yes we do. Hampshire Flag Company operates from our facility in Waterlooville, Hampshire. We have 37 employees operating within our Sales, Production, Sewing, MOD, Despatch and accounts departments. Hampshire Flag Company have state of the art facilities and machinery. HP latex printers, Xerox paper printers, Sefa dye sublimation heat press, textile disperse dye printers and a Zund digital flatbed cutting system are just a few of the machines we have currently. Our 13 strong sewing room of experienced industrial sewing machinists allows us to fully sew flags and finish flags to the highest quality.


• In what weather conditions should I take my flag down from its flagpole?

We always advise that flags should not be flown in any winds stronger than 20mph. When winds exceed this speed the flag can rip and can become damaged. Also, if in a public area, it may become a health and safety concern.


• Can I wash my flag?

Yes, you can. We advise to wash your flag on a 40 degrees heat wash. We include an instruction sheet with each flag which details these washing instructions. Alternatively, we do offer a wash and repair service so please contact us to find out more about this.


• Is the material recyclable?

The answer to this is yes and no. Hampshire Flag Company has a large amount of materials which are recyclable and 68% of our excess material waste was recycled in 2018. As a company we recognise the importance of recycling and have an environmental policy in place to increase our recyclable materials. Our purchasing and production team are actively seeking to source more and more sustainable materials. If you would like to know if the material of interest is recyclable, please contact us and we will be happy to provide material specifications with the relevant information.


• What quality management processes does the company have in place?

Hampshire Flag Company holds an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management certification and takes pride in ensuring that we retain quality in our products and services. As part of ISO 9001:2015 we must enforce procedures to ensure that the quality of our products and services do not drop. If there are non-conforming products or services we pro-actively seek the route causes and act to ensure these errors are eradicated. All of our staff are aware and understand ISO 9001 and work with various quality management checkpoints.


• Is Hampshire Flag an ethical purchaser and supplier?

Yes. Hampshire Flag Company is a big supporter of ethical business activities. As a British manufacturer we believe in strongly supporting fellow British companies where possible. source a large amounts of our components from reputable, ethical British organisations. However, for all our suppliers around the world, we operate with stringent supplier assessments and source our components from reputable, ethical organisations. We have strong supplier procedures to ensure that quality standards do not drop and more importantly our suppliers follow our values of operating ethically, environmentally friendly and lawfully.


• How long will it take to receive my order?

Hampshire Flag operates with a policy of meeting our customers deadlines, so you specify to us when you need things. Orders placed online generate an automatic 10 day lead time, but we always ask when you need the goods. As we keep a large amount of items in stock, these will usually be sent out for next day delivery. We always work to customer deadlines so if you have a specific date let us know and we will adhere to it!


• What shipping couriers do Hampshire Flag Company use?

Hampshire Flag uses a wide array of couriers. APC, Royal Mail, Tuffnells, Palletways, TNT are all standard suppliers of ours. However, we have recently developed a facility where you can use your own courier. If you have an account with DHL, UPS or FedEx for example we can arrange the delivery for you and put it on your account. If you wish to do this, just let our sales team know and we can get this arranged.


• How can I track my order?

There is two ways to track your order. When your order is dispatched from us, you will receive an email with a delivery note and a consignment number. For all of our couriers, they have tracking facilities on their websites which allow you to easily track your goods. Alternatively, please just give us a call on 02392 237 130 and we will be happy to track the goods for you.


• What is your privacy policy?

We take privacy very seriously, so please see our full privacy policy on the link below.



• Can I return my order and how do I do so?

Yes you can. Please see our full returns policy on the link below.



Have you got any questions that you want answers to? If you do, let us know by emailing info@hampshireflag.co.uk and we will be happy to answer!